Enroute… the final scene



“Mummy, mummy… see, the buildings are getting bigger.”

If the passengers hadn’t panicked before now, after hearing the innocent naïve-of-what’s-really-happening voice of that little girl, everyone freaked out.

Yinka dared to look out the window to realize that the little girl was spot on. OH MY GOD!

Beside him, Cassandra still, held his hand, eyes tightly shut, a streak of tears coming down her face.

Is this how I’m going to die? Just like this? GOD have mercy.

His life virtually flashed before his eyes.

He should have called when he had the chance. Now his cheating fiancée would never know that he knew that she was a worthless cow. He could imagine the tears at the funeral and all that.

Am I really going to die?

I’ve not been perfect, but I’ve been faithful in my own little way. Forgive me my shortcomings LORD, if I do have to meet you today, then I will do it with a bang.

He freed his hand from Cassandra’s grip and struggled to reach beneath his seat. He pulled out his laptop bag, yanked his laptop out and powered up.

Cassandra looked at him like he’d lost his mind, but he didn’t care.

This would be the last article by Yinka Bado.



CASSANDRA was at a loss at why Yinka suddenly felt that writing an article was so important in probably his last moments on earth.

He looks at peace, my goodness!

She turned from him and tried to ignore the smashing of her heart within her chest. #fail

She tried to see the possibility of them surviving… I mean there’ve been plane survivors in the past. She tried to see … #fail

GOD, is this how I’m going to die?

She thought of everything that had led to this and the tears resumed their voyage down her eyes.

At least I’m glad I could bring some element of comfort to another human being in my final hours. That gives me some joy. But still…

I don’t want to die.


“Can I have your attention please?”

The voice of the captain over the sound system brought the mayhem to a temporary and quick halt. Everyone was expecting some good news…ANY good news.

“We have a serious problem with our engines and we are trying to manage the situation the best way possible.” Pause. “This isn’t professional but I have to be real with you. If you can pray, pray. GOD help us all.”

It seemed like someone pressed the resume button, because the mayhem continued in full swing.

Bolanle stared at Alhaji, who seemed at a shock.

“Sah, before we die, pls no vex for wetin I do today. You vex me but still ehn…”

Alhaji was speechless. A side of his head was slightly swollen from when he had banged it earlier.

He looked like he had aged ten years in the past few minutes.

“You don’t have to apologize my dear. It’s…” He blanked out, both in thoughts and words.

Bolanle turned to look out the window.

My first time to enter this thing and see wetin happen. Shey later now dem go dey talk say I be bush. Choi, later no go come dey cos e be like say na kpai get us for here today.

E no fair. BABA, e no fair at all.

Then, the plane gradually steadied and began to gain altitude. Everyone seemed to hold their breath, not entirely sure that it was for real.

But sure enough, the buildings began to grow smaller and smaller again. The plane rose up and maintained a stable altitude.

The sigh of relief was deafening. People were crying, singing, some had their hands lifted up.

Cassandra hugged Yinka in relief, Alhaji buried his head in his hands while Bolanle held him, crying and laughing at the same time… it was all fanfare in the plane.

Yinka smiled and kept on typing. He would send it so whenever the plane was within network range, his story would go out.

All of a sudden, the sound of the engine died.

A few people noticed and instinctively looked around. Other were still busy rejoicing.

What everyone did notice however, was that the plane had started dropping again.

In a nosedive.

The screams resumed.

“Oh GOD” Cassandra screamed.

Yinka pressed ‘send’, threw the laptop aside, leaned over and held her.

































4 Months & 23 Days Later

People walked into the hall, chattering in low tones, all dressed in dark colours.

Clear in sight was a sculpture of a plane in its prime. Quite beautiful to look at actually.

People spoke in hushed tones while the event went on. There were a couple of teary eyes. A lot of people held hands.

Finally YINKA rolled up to the podium in his wheelchair and was given a mic. The hall quieted.

He gave his version of the event. As a writer, reporter and speaker, he knew how to move his audience.

And he did. He spoke of that day for a few minutes.

“… I shall be out of this wheelchair in a few months, and I count myself blessed to be graced with life. I dedicate this book to the few we lost. To the brave pilot whose brilliance and braveness saved most of us. And to GOD, to who we owe all our thanks. Thank you.”

A few people clapped, most were sober. He rolled himself off the stage, thinking a thought that had plagued him since that day.

Where’s Cassandra?

Alhaji and Bolanle, amongst others walked up to him and asked him to sign a copy of the book.

He looked at the title a on the cover page. ENROUTE. What a journey it had been.

When he returned the books, they walked away without a word. He watched them share a few words before walking their separate ways.  Soon he was surrounded by other people who wanted their copies signed.

Where’s Cassandra?



Somewhere quite far away, she watched the event from her hospital bed and smiled.

Well done dude. You have really spoken for us all.

I’ll see you soon.



Enroute… Part 5


Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Bolanle, the Lord clearly had other plans for her life.

The plane hadn’t taken off as people were still coming in and taking their seats.

She could feel some heat at the back of her head and she was pretty sure that Alhaji’s eyes were fixated on her.

Why me? Why me?? Dem send this man to me? Who I offend na?

She turned and sure enough, his eyes were fixed on her.

Oh God!

Or was he looking out the window like she was.

“So you this rude girl, we meet again.”

Window kor, window ni! Choi.

“How did you manage to get on this plane? Ehn? Where are you travelling to?”

Chei! Na so this man wan dey enter me? We never even take off. Lie lie!

“Am I not talking….”

“Ehn, ehn, ehn!!!” Bolanle turned to face him fully and squarely.”

Alhaji stared, mouth open mid-sentence…

“Oga we don commot for shop o.  I dey use God beg you, no just try me try yaself for hia else I go settle ya matter once and for all for this plane. U fit do ya rubbish when we dey shop but for hia, u for like respect yaself cos as u see am, na so u go take am o!”

Before he could retort she added, “See your big lips sef. Mcheeeew” and turned back to face the window.

Big lips ke? Where that wan from come, haha. Him lips plenty full ground sha. Abeg make him no talk again, I don taya.

Beside her, Alhaji was stunned by her words. He felt a little bit threatened, a little embarrassed, a little excited?

It’s not every day he finds someone who can challenge him or match his ever lashing tongue.

Hmmm, and she’s not so bad looking too. With some money and proper polishing…hmm and I was thinking of another wife…

He closed his mouth, smiling sheepishly and settled in for the flight.


Some seats away, Yinka was still shaking his head and laughing at the balls Cassandra had.

“Uh huh. Done laughing? Good. Now take your phone and call her.”

The blood drained from his face. Yeah, the call. He was subconsciously trying to push the thoughts of her infidelity away from his mind, and Cassandra was offering good enough distraction. Till now.

He turned to face Cassandra.

Wounded soul… just like him.

“Stop giving me that face dude. I know that face…I dislike that face.”

This woman was just something else.

“I’ll call when we land please.” I’m pleading with her now? Wow! “I don’t think I need any more attention today.” He used his hand to indicate the other passengers on the plane.

“Hmmm, fine if you say so. I wouldn’t have minded the drama though, but it’s your call.” She shrugged.

“Drama queen”, he muttered under his breath.

“Say what?”

Clearly it wasn’t ‘under’ enough.

“See I don’t have drama o.” He raised an eyebrow. “Okay, okay just a little.”

“Little? Hahahaha. You single handedly got the whole café on this issue. I’m still embarrassed, you’ve scarred me for life.”

“Now who’s being dramatic?”

He was about to say something else when the announcements started.

Seatbelts…exit ways…floating rafts…In case of emergency bla bla

He tuned out the voice of the air hostess and began to reflect on the day so far.

Left the house as a happily engaged man, met this sick woman at the airport, few minutes later he was practically single.

Hmmm, maybe he heard wrongly? No. you even recognized her voice

But maybe there’s some explanation of some sort. Just maybe. Really? Like it was an accident? She just slipped and fell on the bed with a man?

Why would she do this? Will find out when you see her.

But mehn! Cassandra!


He turned and looked at her. She had leaned back as much as possible and had her eyes closed.

He wasn’t exactly attracted to her. In fact, before she told him her story, he was of the mind to give her a slap or two…save for public decency.

The plane had taxied and started speeding on the runway. As it got to the end and took off, Cassandra suddenly grabbed his hand. Eyes still closed, she trembled slightly.

He watched her and waited, saying nothing. After a few seconds, she calmly removed her hand and opened her eyes.

Smiling she said, “Sorry. Im abit of a wreck when it comes to taking off. Silly huh?”

He smiled. “Nah, it’s not silly. It’s actually…”

He was cut off as Cassandra promptly opened her bag, brought out a sanitizer and wiped her hands.

He instinctively looked down at his hands.

“Oh my goodness. I’m so sorry, I don’t mean to embarrass you or anything. It’s abit of a habit. Do you have an idea of how many hands I’ve grabbed in this life? Eewwwk”

He just gave her a blank stare and reached out for the sanitizer, also wiping his hands.

He closed his eyes amidst her laughter.


Meanwhile, Alhaji was trying to make light conversation with Bolanle.

I no understand this mumu man. Fest eeem harass my life. He come join dat oda mumu madam harass me. He been wan harass me for hia sef if no be say I give am a piece of ma mind. So which kyn talk he wan dey talk now? Wetin consign am consign how many shildren my malle get?

She stared at him with a blank expression.

“Ahh, so you don’t want to answer me now?”

“My name is Bolanle.”

“Oh, Bolanle that’s good, that’s good.”

“What is good?”


“You said that’s good, that’s good. So what is good?”

Alhaji was quiet for a second and then he laughed cheerfully.

“It’s merely an expression my dear. It is good. Your name is good. Everything is good.”

“Everything… is good. Okay o.” She turned back to face the window.

“So Bolanle…”

“Mr Alhaji, I don’t know why you think I want to talk to you. Please try and sleep or something, I want to watch the clouds.”

She turned just in time to see a half-grin and half-frown struggling to balance his face. He looked quite silly.

As she turned back to the window, the plane suddenly lurched forward abruptly.

She, alongside many others, slammed their heads on the seat in front of them.

Before she could get her bearing, it happened again. And again. And again.

By this time, a few people were shouting.

Shaking from head to toe, she turned to face an already pale looking Alhaji.

“Oga, please talk to me.”


Yinka held Cassandra tightly through the turbulence. She had kept her eyes shut all through and looked a few seconds away from throwing up.

She squeezed the feeling out of his hands. I can’t say I don’t need the squeeze. That was some scary stuff mehn!

Over the public address system, the captain was apologizing and saying that the flight should resume as normal.

Then there was a loud sound.

And then, just like in slow motion, the plane began to drop.

Enroute… Part 4


Catch up on the earlier parts by clicking the links. Cheers.—-> Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3. ===============================================================================================================

YINKA was shocked. Not only did she start crying softly, she did tell her story.

CASSANDRA had just completed her NYSC and begun a real job. She had never for once considered the khaki-designed hussle to be anything like a real job. In fact, she endured the entire thing only
because of her father. He gave her a car, put her on his payroll and assured her of a job when she
was done. Heck yeah, she took the offer.

Her parents weren’t crazily loaded or anything, but they did ok. Ok is relative yeah, but still, as
far as she was concerned, they were in the middle class…. Well, slightly above (a tiny whiny bit),
but it didn’t mean much to her. She had enough to get by and she was more than grateful.

Her real job actually, was running her online marketing company. It started out as a hobby,
writing, reporting, and the whole online razzmatazz. Apparently it turned out that she was pretty
good at it and the right people noticed. A few months down the line, she had six employees, regular contracts and a steady flow of income.

Her boyfriend of the last five years was Chike.

Chike was as good as they came really, and they had been good all the while.

He had a good job, was decent, even cooked. Her parents liked him and he played the ‘hello-future-parents-in-law’ role very well too.

She lost her virginity to him too. Yes…lost.

After a crazy unexpected night out with friends in her final year, she ended up leaving the zone a
tit-bit more drunk than she planned. She really wasn’t much of a drinker, just the occasional
splurge now and then. Anyway so on this night, she practically had to beg Chike to take her home.
He had told her to hold on for about 10minutes, but after she somehow managed to do a full
cat-wheel and split right there, he rapidly changed his mind. They laughed all the way home and the rest of the night went in a haze. She really couldn’t remember all the details, but she figured a couple of things 5 seconds after opening her eyes.

1.   She wasn’t home
2.   She wasn’t dressed (this took half a second actually)
3.   She was about to throw up
4.   Chike was in her no. 2 state a few inches beside her
5.   She wasn’t a virgin anymore
6.   She threw up.

Chike seemed genuinely sorry. She couldn’t help but wonder if he really was. He had been asking for sex a lot more of late… no pressure or anything, but it was there. She had no plans to lose her virginity before getting married and she had stuck by that decision… well, till now.

That should have sounded alarms in her head, but she let it go. He seemed remorseful (Acting 301)
and his demands requests for sex all but ended.


They started planning their wedding. She was done with NYSC and he was settled, so they felt it was finally time. She had travelled for a meeting with a new client of hers and finished very early. In
fact, the meeting barely lasted an hour and she was just wondering why exactly the client had asked her to travel in the first place.

Oh well, they’re paying anyway. 1st class for that matter.

She shifted moved her flight up and surprisingly, the flight was timely. She didn’t let anyone know
of her change in plans. Chike, her parents, her employees… she just needed time to be on her own, clear her head and just rest. All the wedding planning, parents dropping their demands opinions and all the drama… she could do with a me-alone time.

She landed in one piece and took a cab to her apartment. She unlocked the door and didn’t notice
anything out of place till she went to the kitchen to have a cool drink. It looked like someone
cooked in it… she hadn’t cooked in a week. However, it smelt like, like… CHIKE’S DISH DE LA DISH!!!

Well that’s what he chose to call it. It was actually spaghetti in some funny but amazingly
delicious sauce. She never quite got the hang of how he made it, and he never quite shared either.

Excitement flooded her stomach! How on earth did he know she was coming back this early? The
client? Who? Hahaha!!!

She excitedly made a dash for the bedroom. She was sure he was there, waiting, dish-in-hand, ready to sweep her off her feet and then stuff her with his delicious dish.

“Oh my goodness, Chike you’re just the…”

The words eluded her mid-sentence as she opened the door.


Huh? The loaded tray of food was there on the dresser, but nobody was…

It was then she noticed that the shower was running in the bathroom. As she made her way toward it, the door opened from the inside.

Out of it came Oluchi, her school roommate…best friend of six, in nothing but nature’s clothes.

Behind her, similarly dressed, was Chike. Her soon-to-be ex-fiance.
By the time the rage had cleared from her system, plates, mirrors and other things broken around
the room, Chike bleeding from a scratch on his face, Oluchi from her mouth where she had
head-butted her… Cassandra fell to the floor and wept.

The affair had been going on for the past 3 years. They were sorry…it was the devil… he wanted to
stop but Oluchi kept coming… no he was the one that kept coming…they were going to stop before the wedding…it was the devil…they were sorry…it was really the devil…they were sorry…they were very

By the time she managed to throw them out of her house and her life… she passed out.

5 weeks later, after the news and the drama of the breakup had subsided (her dad had actually
kicked the idiot when he came begging, prostrating before him), she sold the majority shareholdings of her company for a worryingly huge amount of money (apparently, someone saw the potential) and then took a vacation out of the country for a month.

This was 5 months after and needless to say, she hadn’t really recovered. All men were idiots as
far as she was concerned.
When she finished her story, cleaning her eyes with his hanky, Yinka was weak.
He really didn’t know what to do or say and in that uncertainty, so he held her close. She buried
herself in the hug and started sobbing again.

What a wounded soul

“I think they just called my flight Cassandra, I’m going to Lagos. You know, we can keep in touch
or something.”
She cleaned her nose. “I’m going to Lagos too. I guess we’re on the same flight.”

They checked and realized that they indeed were on the same flight, albeit different seats. They
walked to the plane together in silence.
“Okay, so we’ll talk right?”
Cass nodded. “Make sure you call her before we take off. Get it off your chest.” He nodded as he
walked off. What a day.

Bolanle walked towards the plane; her heart pounded harder with every step.
Babe calm yaself. No go there go embarass yaself na. Arrange.

The self pep talk worked as her legs found strength again and she strode purposefully towards the

Back at the café, the irate woman had yelled her lungs out, with the angry looking Alhaji making
things worse by adding his own version of events. She hurled a few verbal missiles at them when all her pleading fell on deaf (very deaf) ears. Eventually, her boss had to come out from his office and calm everyone down. Before he could scold her, the flight was announced and she took off, glad for any opportunity to get away.

She struggled with the seat belt for abit but eventually figured it out.
I no go carry last finally finally. Hehe. Ehn? Who be this??

Cassandra had just come and taken her seat beside her.

Mcheeew. This disgu girl don come o, kai. Which kyn thing be this?

Cassandra was looking around the plane and after finding what she was looking for, got up and left.

Yinka was strapping up when Cassandra approached him and spoke to the man seated beside him.

“Sir, I’m soo sooo sorry to be a bother. But do you mind switching seats with me?”
The man was about to say something, probably refuse her, when she added.
“It’s just that we’re colleagues and we have work to do before landing, and we really don’t want to get fired. Our seats were erroneously separated at the counter. I’m so so sorry for the inconvenience sir, please please please”

And then she flashed the cutest smile he had seen in a long time. “Hmm, okay fine girl. Where’s
your seat?”
“It’s just over there. I’m eternally grateful sir.” Another smile. Gosh she DID know how to smile.

Yinka was quietly laughing and shaking his head as she strapped in beside him. “You’ve really got
some nerve you this woman.”
She just smiled.

Some seats away, Bolanle was watching all the pre-take off activity happening out the window.
This flight fit make sense afterall sha.

She turned when she heard movement beside her.
This yeye geh don come a…..

A stone faced ALHAJI paused as he saw her and then, quietly sat down and strapped in beside her.
She turned her face back to the window
Kill me now. Kill me now oh Lord.

Enroute… Part 3


ok, so even I had to read the earlier parts like twice four times before I could contiune… been d@ long I kno. It’s your turn to catch up. Part 1 & Part 2

Now…to our featured presentation… hehe.


YINKA was still confused, well more like lost.
ANITA! The same Anita he took to his mother just last weekend! And they all knew how long that took.

His pain and confusion had gradually led to anger. In that anger, he let out a couple of unrighteous adjectives to describe her and the whole mess. Arghhh!!!

The noise in the airport seemed to mellow down a bit. Even the brat beside him had gotten off the phone, and had settled to just staring at him in some queer silence.

He felt exposed.

All these emotions… he didn’t need.

He looked at the phone again, gathering his resolve.
“You should call”

His head snapped to the direction of the voice. If looks could kill, the brat would definitely be singing ‘kumbaya’ in the afterlife.

She out her hands up like in surrender. “I’m sorry. That was very… I dunno. I’m sorry. But you know you just have to call. Let her know you know.”
Yinka looked at her squarely and with a loud and angry sigh, got up and walked towards the direction of the café. Stupid brat! Now she’s supposed to be feeling sorry for me?

Without a backwards glance, he made it to the café in quick strides and settled at a corner. He had barely adjusted in his seat when the brat dived in beside him… blocking his means of exit.
“What the hell is the meaning of this?”
“I’m just trying to help. Just calm down and…”
‘Help? HELP??? Who the hell do you think you are? Get lost before I lose it on you!”

He had uncontrollably, screamed that last part out. You have to trust Nigerians: they all turned to look at them quietly for a few seconds and then…

Haba! Leave him alone now, abi issit by force?
Leave him ke? Hold him o! He don give you belle abi?
All these men of nowadays. Don’t let him travel o. Once he goes, it’s bye-bye to baby daddy
Won’t you people mind your business? Westin be ya own for the matter
Ehn… Na who you dey follow talk?
Sharrap dial, foolish man. See the way you’re cracking your bone, animal!
Ehnnnnnn, meeeee????…… Kpasssssssss.
What? You slapped me!

Yinka had by this time, buried his head in his hands. Add embarrassed to the cocktail of emotions.
He looked up and saw the brat, laughing at the exchange of insults and slaps.

“Oh dear Lord.”
Bolanle watched the drama from behind the counter, half amused… happy for anything to amuse her and calm her dread, and half irritated.
Wetin dey worry this geh sef? Now she dey chase the men full time, no shame. What a weist!

She hissed. Out loud

An angry looking woman was staring at her. She had gotten momentarily distracted by the drama and didn’t realize the woman talking to her.
“No ma. Not you, sorry.”
“So who else? Is there anybody else here? You people are sooo rude in this place. Can you imagine this rubbish? How can a….

Bolanle blanked out. Which kyn wahala be dis today? Shet, dis alhaji is coming back!

Truly, a well fed trouble-smelling Alhaji was making his way towards the woman.

She looked at him. He looked at her. Their eyes met.
He was coming for blood!

She looked at the time. Choi…this flight go make too much sense finally finally.
After some minutes of laughing and generally ‘orchestrating’ the barrage of insults around the café, Cassandra looked sideways at the guy. The poor dude had his face buried in his hands, probably hoping she would just fall down and die.

Ok, time to bust this joint.

She grabbed his arms and pulled him up, making a beeline for the door. Surprisingly, he offered little resistance as he trudged along…clearly willing to get the café behind him.
A minute ago, Yinka had his face in his hands, silently hoping the brat would just fall down and die!
That didn’t happen. Instead, he found himself following her out of the noisy café and into a bookstore not far off. He was just tired.
He slapped her hands off his.
“What IS your problem?”
She turned to face him. She wasn’t laughing anymore.
“I’m sorry I… Okay for starters, I AM abit drunk right now so forgive me for going slightly overboard with the whole thing.”
He raised an eyebrow, “thing…slightly?”
“But seriously, aren’t you going to call her back before they call your flight?”
“But seriously, I’ve been wondering how it’s your business?”
She smiled. A sad smile.
“I’ve been there. Hurts like crap. More than crap.”
“Oh reeeeeally. I thought…. Hey, why are you…?”
Cassandra had broken down into tears.

Oh boy. Now I can’t wait to hear this story!

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Enroute… Part 2

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Meanwhile inside the café, BOLANLE was being handed a ticket by her boss. Her hands shook as she took the ticket from him, along with the package she was supposed to deliver. He apologized for the short notice but it was urgent and she was the only one who was available to go. She’d go and come back later in the evening. Extra money for lunch transport and tospie for her pocket. No biggie. She stared at him wide eyed! Afraid to say no or do any other thing but nod her head. She really did not have a choice in the matter. She had started shaking before he got back to his office. Fact was, Bolanle was terrified of flying. She could totally handle seeing the big white planes across the windows of the terminal, but to actually be in one! ONE. She had never been able to comprehend how the heavy piece of metal was able to lift off and fly. It just never made sense to her TWO. She had heard of several instances of planes crashing and the likes. THREE. She had witnessed a near runway accident. FOUR. She had sworn, in ignorance but she cared not, that she’d never fly. FIVE. She was going to fly that day. She felt faint and excused herself to use the restroom. ========================================================================= YINKA sat very still, totally dumbfounded… totally embarrassed… totally totaled!  He cut the phone and just stared. The lounge got a bit busier as calls for two flights were made and passengers scrambled to get in line, happy to be relieved of their long wait. In the midst of the scramble, CASSANDRA couldn’t stop gloating at the dude. This showboat of a few seconds ago looks truly miserable, ha! He meekly looked up at her …the delightful grin on her face added to his grief. If he could, he’d slap the lipstick off her lips. Twice!!! And then stuff the phone down her throat for good measure. Okay Yinka, calm down. Ignore the lipstick. He looked at his phone again… back to the issue at hand. WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Beside him, the lady was answering a call… “…babe, you won’t believe the ringback tune I just heard! Freaking awesome! Hahahaha…” =============================================================================== ALHAJI was relieved when he finally got into the lounge. The flight delay had been his saving grace as he could not even imagine the consequences of missing the flight! His stomach rumbled! That’s true, I have to do something about this hunger. He stood up and made his way to the café. ================================================================================== Bolanle washed her face and calmed down enough to come out and continue working, at least till the time of the flight. She came out and saw a short dark skinned pot bellied man dressed in a kaftan and cap walking towards her. She forced a smile. See as this wan dey sweat anyha. “Welcome sir. Please can I take your order?” He dropped a small bag he carried on the counter and then asked. “What do you have?” The smile on her face faded and she looked at him for a full three seconds before pointing at the display above her where all they had and the prices were clearly listed. E com blind ontop the sweat, nawa! He looked up and after a few seconds of looking, began to mumble to himself at how expensive everything was. She pretended like she didn’t hear. “Sir?” “Yes, what is it?” What is it? “Your order sir.” “I’m still making up my mind. Why are these prices so high, ehn? See how much you’re charging for a plate of rice! Ehn! This is day light robbery, there’s no way I’m paying this much!” Ehn, ehn, ehn! So why you still dey stand dia nah? Commot dey go biko, I no get ya time plus I no dey mood join. “So you’re not buying anything sir?” “No I’m not. Not at these prices” “Ok sir, thank you. NESKT!” Alhaji just stared at her without moving. The man behind him reached out and started placing his order. “Hello, please I want chicken and…” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN? Can’t you see I’m still here!  You want to jump the line?” “But I thought you said you weren’t….” “Come on keep quiet there. You young boys of nowadays are so disrespectful. You don’t…. “ He just went on and on. Bolanle stared at the scene with her mouth open, half in amusement, and half in irritation. This bros dey worry sha! “Erm, sir please…” “AND YOU TOO! You lack courtesy. Is this how you treat all your customers? No respect!” Ehn? Bola na u this guy dey follow talk anyha like this too sha! Sherrit, see my life in public o! She took a deep breath. Oya calm down. “Okay sir, sorry for any inconvenience.” Inconvenience? “What would you like to order?” Alhaji was about to launch into another round of verbal abuse when his stomach rumbled. Loudly. “Yeey. Ah, ehn okay. Please a plate of rice and chicken with a cold bottle of malt. Please add plantain too.” Shakara don finish. Mcheeeew! She served his food, collected the money and was happy to see him go. At last! NESKT!



YINKA hated travelling.

He was standing in front of two grumpy looking ladies who were checking-in his luggage and issuing him a ticket. Sometimes he wondered why they always looked so grumpy. Like the least they could do was paste a fake smile on their faces and maybe people will feel better about driving all the way through the bad roads and traffic that lead to Murtala Mohammed Airport, only to sweat some more and face attendants who looked like they were in a permanent state of Menstrual Pain.

Hmmm, “permanent state of menstrual pain”. He mumbled to himself as he typed the phrase into his I pad.

He liked to document random thoughts and ideas. These were the bedrock of many great stories and also what made him stand out in the midst of his fellow reporters.

Yes. A reporter who hated travelling.

He sighed as he typed that in too.


CASSANDRA was walking round the waiting lounge, looking in vain for a place to plug and charge her phone.  Ironically she had carried out this search before, several times in fact. Maybe hoping that someday, someone will take pity on people like her and install some goddamn sockets. A girl can only dream right?

She eventually gave up and slumped on one of the metal chairs to wait for her flight

As expected, a young (and good) looking guy walked over and took the seat beside her. She smiled to herself. Okay, maybe she wasn’t really looking for a socket after all.


BOLANLE watched the young looking twenty-something ish years old lady parade up and down the lounge as she usually did most of the time she was travelling.

This wan no get job.

She worked in a small café in the lounge where travelers, weary from waiting for their repeatedly delayed flights, usually shuffled in for an overpriced bite and a drink. Several times, they do complain about the prices.

“Hey! Why is this thing so expensive? I can get it for ‘so-so and so’ outside”

“Sir I’m sorry, but that’s the price.” Na charity we dey run?

“Don’t ‘sorry’ me.”


She sort of liked her job. With the little education she had in life, she was content with what she had. Besides, she loved the drama that typically went on in the large waiting lounge. And of all her ‘actors’. Cassandra was one of her favourites.


“You’re very stupid! If I miss my flight, just know I’ll deduct it from your salary.”

ALHAJI MANSUR was very angry. Not only had the driver come late to the house, but he had also decided to take the longest route to the airport and now he was running really late for the flight.

“Sorry sah. I been think say here go free sah, na why…”

“Shut up and just get me there”, Alhaji fumed.

The driver kept going, not a tit bit worried about his salary. For all his rants and outbursts, he knew he was practically indispensable to Alhaji. And after seven years of working with him, he was used to his temper.

Alhaji eyed his driver from his perch at the back seat. He knew what the man was thinking right now. That he was indispensable and that for all his rants and threats, EVEN if he missed the flight, no one’s job or salary would really be at stake.

He sighed loudly… the driver was totally right.

When they finally got to the airport, the driver flew out of the vehicle and got his bag out from the car.

“Safe journey sir.” He smiled wryly.

Alhaji just nodded and hurried off to get his ticket.

As the driver watched him walk off, he smiled as he took out his phone and dialed a number.

“Baby he haf go! Yesso, full cruise, I dey come naow naow naow!”

With that he hung up and was gone in a flash.

Meanwhile Alhaji had a problem inside.

“Sir, we’ve closed the counter for this flight.”

“What do you mean? I still have about fifteen minutes before boarding.”

“Sir, boarding time is one hour before the flight. I’m sorry but the counter is closed.”

Alhaji looked at the young man squarely and was about to go into one of his legendary outbursts when over the speakers, a one hour delay was announced for his flight.

Alhaji held his tongue and briskly walked to the counter to get his ticket.


Back in the lounge, Yinka was trying not to be too upset about his delayed flight. He surfed through the web and made some notes while whiling away the time.

He couldn’t help but notice that the lady beside him kept staring at him and flicking her Brazilian hair from side to side. Okay, she WAS pretty and this dress she had on…

With a mischievous glint in his eyes, he cleared his throat and leaned slightly towards her, like he was going to start a conversation. Quick as flash, the lady put up the ‘I’m-hot-and-about-to-play-hard-to-get’ look up on her face. He struggled to keep from laughing as he kept mute and instead, reached out for the newspaper by the side.


He smiled to himself. Hmm, that’s true. I should call my fiancé and let her know the flight was delayed.

At this time, she probably assumed that he was airborne and en-route already.

He speed-dialed her number and waited as the phone rang. With more mischief in his eyes, he decided to put on the speaker. Maybe all the love talk will chase Miss pretty girl away.

Cassandra had her arms folded and was fuming silently. What a jerk! She could swear that this guy was taunting her on purpose. She side eyed his phone and saw he was calling “BABY”… and he put it on speaker for that matter. Only the two of them were seated there so it HAD to be on purpose!

She was about to get up when the call went through. But instead of a cute “Hello, baby” he was probably expecting, they could  both hear, clearly, very very clearly, the sound of people making out on the other end of the phone.

Yinka froze for a full eight seconds with his mouth wide open, trying to convince himself (and failing woefully) that this wasn’t Pate’s voice in the background.

When his reflexes finally remembered to kick in, he quickly ended the call.

Save for his dark complexion, he would have been totally red in the face.

Cassandra cleared her throat and leaned towards him.

Slowly. Very slowly. Making every mini-second count.

“Is that like a ring back tune or something? If it is, I totally need one of those! Totally awesome!”

Yinka sank into his seat.


So I had been thinking to myself, “dude, it’s been ages since you blogged! Ki lo de?” (Don’t be deceived, I suck @ Yoruba!)

I’ve had several reasons. In fact, I have had several great reasons, but yesterday, I listened to something that made all those reasons seem… well pathetic.

I don’t know who the speaker was and honestly, I don’t really care. All I know that is that I got my mind blown!

Trust me, it was lots of work writing this out, but I do believe it was worth it.

I believe it’ll be worth your while.

So please, read and DO!

Selah! (Stop and reflect)

de Mark


You cannot change yesterday, but you can do something today that can change tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter how you were born, that was yesterday. It doesn’t matter what happened last five years, ten years… you may not be able to change that, but you can reposition yourself today.

You can make new decisions today that’ll change what tomorrow will bring.

Invest in your future, refuse to be a mental HOBO! Refuse to end your life on the sidewalk.

I believe that if you hear these words, you will act on them and you’ll change your future.

None of you was born to be poor. You may have been born poor, buy you were not born to be poor.

You may have been brought up poor, but you were not brought up to be poor.

Understand this; the definition of adulthood is responsibility. When you become an adult, you take responsibility for your future. Become responsible.

What do you have in yourself?

There are many who cry for help and because there are no answers to their call for help, they feel the pain and the pangs of neglect.

No, refuse to give up. Believe in what GOD made.

GOD made you and HE never made a failure.

Believe that GOD has a purpose for your life.

You may have been born as a parental accident, but you are not a divine accident. GOD knew you were coming and he made sufficient provision for you. There’s a place for you in the world, and I’m helping you find that place.


There are certain things you must do for these things to become a reality.

There are things that are not in abundant supply, they are limited.

One of them is time! Save time! Save it! Keep track of your time

The Bible says for us to redeem the time, because the days are evil. You don’t have extra time.

Life is not a game; therefore make everyday count for your life. Improve yourself every day. Introduce something into your life that counts. Choose to be a success, become inspiring

Distinguish yourself with character, with excellence.

If you’re a musician, be a musician with a difference! Become inspiring. Whatever you do, do it with excellence! Put yourself and your best into what u do and change your world

Remember there’s no extra time, therefore whatever u do now, do it the best way the first time

Success is waiting for the man who says yes to success. Success is waiting for the man who plans for it, who reaches out for it

Who says “I’ll wake up” and he wakes up

Who says “I’ll read this book” and he reads it

Who says “I’ll go to school” and he goes.

Success is waiting for the man who makes a decision. So time is important


So don’t waste your time watching television 24 hours a day. Watching video 24 hours a day.

Those that you’re watching have put their best into what you’re watching. CHANGE THE POSITION! Say to yourself, I will be watched!

You know sometimes,  I’m concerned about those who only think about designer perfumes, designer clothes, designer shoes. WHERE ARE YOUR DESIGNS?  Where are your own designs?

Challenge yourself for the future, there’s room for you. There’s a place for you at the top! Train your mind and use it.

Give yourself to a teacher, give yourself a tutor. Train yourself and your mind

And if u train your mind, it’ll be ready to deliver to you, thoughts… the right thoughts and ideas that will earn you commercial value

There’s no poverty for the man who has made an investment in his mind and is willing to act

There’s no hunger for the man who has trained his mind to think through on every problem. To solve every problem.

Train yourself, think through a problem, render solutions, let men come to you for advice.

Decide to be smart; decide to be a problem solver. If you make that decision, that’s what you’ll be

Problem solvers are in short supply in the world. There’s a place for the man who chooses to be one

Engage yourself in national issues, get involved, get concerned

Some of you are the best writers in the country. BUT WHERE ARE YOUR WRITINGS?

Maybe you’re sleeping too much!

Maybe you’re resting too much!

Maybe you’re playing too much!

It’s time to put your best into that writing and let the country read your writings!


Feel free to drop a comment.


Blank… the end


The curtain finally falls on BLANK. Honestly, it left me feeling blank more than once.

You can catch up on the previous parts by clicking these links… I have a stroooong feeling that you might need them, hehe!

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Happy reading.


When Robert finally woke up, he found himself bound to a chair in a brightly lit room. He looked around slowly and realized that he was alone.

He shook his head gently, as the full details of this fiasco flooded his mind.

His name WAS Robert.

He WAS the President.

Two weeks ago, he had received a surprise call from Richard, his twin. The fact was that there was no love lost between them; quite unusual for twin brothers.

He had always been the better of the two and their parents didn’t help matters by pointing this out at every given opportunity. It also didn’t help matters that Robert ‘stole’ his girlfriends on more than one occasion. Frankly, it was all a game to him… apparently not to Richard.

He hated them all.

A few years down the line, Robert got a call while away at his Ivy League school where he was running his master’s program. His parents were dead. The house got burnt and all was lost. All except Richard of cause.

Richard claimed to be out when the ‘incident’ happened. Though he had no particularly strong alibi, he was let off the hook; after all he was also a victim of some sort as he sustained some burns trying to save them.

Robert always had his reservations about that story, but he never voiced them.

After the burial, Richard hung around for a few months and took off, never to be heard from until he got elected.

And after that, he vanished again, until two weeks ago, when he called him.


“Robert. It’s me.”

Robert recognized his gruff voice right away. In fact, they did sound alike too, only that Richard’s was abit rough around the edges.


They said nothing for a while.

“I’ve been following up on you Mr. President. You’re doing well.”



“… Where have you been Richard? Why did you…”

“You’re in danger Rob.”

He paused. “I’m the President Rich, I’m potentially always in some form of danger.”

“Don’t rub that in my face you piece of crap. You’re the President, so freaking what?”

“Ooooooh, someone’s still pissed off at my shadow I see.” Robert hated that Richard still held a grudge.

“Goodbye Rob.”

“Wait. Sorry.”

There was a pause.

“Listen carefully.”

And listen he did.

Someone wanted him out. Richard gave him loads of details and information that all checked out. How did he know? Well that was cause not only did they want him dead, they wanted him replaced by someone who’d go soft on certain laws. Who better than the President’s twin, who particularly hated his guts.

Someone had done their homework apparently.

“So why are you telling me all this Richard?”


“I may hate your guts, but I’m not stupid enough to go through with this without letting you on it. Even if I was… you’re the only family I’ve got left and…”

“I understand. Just play along till I get some more information about this. And thank you.”

So he quietly set his hounds on the trail and surprisingly, everything turned out to be true and well planned. So well planned that making arrests would only delay the inevitable. So he came up with the plan of going blank and Richard agreed. With his help, he’d get to the bottom of it without getting killed.

He told Sophie what she needed to know. Fast forward the whole thing and here he was, bound to a chair.

Two weeks seemed like a long long time ago.

The door opened and RB walked in.

“We would have preferred if you had just stayed put at the facility.”

Robert stared at him blankly.

“We planned to kill you, really. But then you lost your memory, and we thought that you could still be useful to us in some way.” Richard’s pulse shot up as he walked behind him. “But then, it seems like you were somehow aware of this our little arrangement, and even though you couldn’t remember a thing, you got out.”

RB’s movements stopped.

“The only reason you’re not dead right now Mr. President, is cause your brother insisted we wait…delay the inevitable.”

Robert smiled. This was the plan he had discussed with Richard. He should be here any minute now and…

Behind him, RB smiled suddenly kicked out at him, sending Robert tumbling, still stuck to the chair.

Just then the door opened and Richard walked in. he frowned at RB and lifted Robert off the ground.

“Please leave us.”

RB grunted and walked out, shutting the door behind him.

“He’s technically in hate with you Rob.”

“I figured. Thanks for showing up”

Richard walked back to the door, opened it slightly and shut it back. He then quickly untied him.

Robert quickly got up, rubbing his wrists. “So what do we do…?”

At first, he wasn’t quite sure what had happened. When the second bullet ripped through his thighs, he fell to his knees in pain.


Richard stared at him for a minute, enjoying the sight of him writhing in pain.

“The only reason I called you before all of this began was so I could keep tabs on you Rob.”

Robert couldn’t believe his ears.

“Richie don’t do this, come on. This is taking it too far come on!”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Too far was when you and your parents ruined my life by placing me in your shadow before I knew what the words ‘too far’ meant.”

His eyes were cold.

“Don’t do this…”

“I already did Rob, I’m sorry. Thank you for being so good at everything and being the President now. Now I can have whatever I want! And oh, don’t worry, Sophie’s fine.  I prepared very well for this role and I’ll relish every minute of it.”

Rob was going to say something when the bullet struck his chest.

The President dropped the gun and briskly walked out of the room.

Rob seemed to fall in slow motion before finally hitting the floor. His eyes were fixed on the retreating feet of Richard and then, they went BLANK.

The End

The love note

BLANK will continue shortly. But before then, read and really try to understand the words of this post. I learnt and am still learning alot from it. Just maybe you will too.

P.S. The “lyrics” have been “copyrighted”! Write your own! Hehe


My baby, my Dee, my very own
I never thought fantasies we have as children ever came true
And really, they mostly don’t
On meeting you, I thought you were my fantasy brought to be
Physically, I couldn’t ask for more
Charming smile, nice teeth, lovely curves

So I came after you like a kid would chase a fantasy
And over time, after much ado, I caught up with you
And held you…like a kid would. Ever so tightly.
And then something happened, which children always forget
I grew.
And then I saw the whole of you
At first I was taken aback.
Yes, this was my fantasy, but why all d rough edges?
Why the imperfection?
Why the ugly past?

And then
I grew again
And I realized that GOD was indeed merciful
And HE gave me
Not one perfect…
Cos HE knew that if HE did
…I’d never learn to really love you
Love you like HE does
And HE knew that through you
I’d see the faults in me
The weaknesses, the grey areas, the dirt
And HE knew too well that I’d learn
Learn to love you
With my all
Just like HE does
Or @ least, in an image of HIS love
And I’d dig deep within
And clean up my house
And be d best I can be
And in doing so….be the best you deserve
Cos irrespective of where you were coming from
You deserve the best

And HE also made me realize
That I wasn’t any better
That by loving you with my all
I’ll be a better person
For my generation
And for you

And so
I love you
With a love beyond me
Love beyond words
Love beyond time
Love d@ will last for all of time
Love d@ will last forever

And if there’s a pause in forever
Then I’d catch my breath…and tell you again

“I love you”

I love you, I love you, I love you.
And nothing…nothing can take that from me


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