34 comments on “Just a day?

  1. You shifted to WordPress already? Nice.
    Just be consistent with your blogging..its hard, but try.

    Meanwhile, Lag Police stay stunting. That is all.


  2. All dis in jst a day??:O..Well…@ least it gave u a tale to tell! Not a boring day at al I’d say!
    And abou d morale…NOTED!


  3. Lmao!!!…ur skin colour is attractive enough… imagining you license-less felt good in some way, you hardly waste time dashing any $%#&^ in front of your car making making noise….or the day someone jumped in ur front and you increased speed self….
    #TeamWeWantToReadYourBestValsDay 😀


  4. LMAOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!, this is ‘effin funny, I really get this story & ur plight. Its become a well known fact that we always organise ourselves (checking if our seat belts are on, looking for our licences & driving at a moderate velocity) on sighting most of our road officials, LASTMA, FRSC, VIO & even the police (who have automatically appointed themeselves as one). U need 2 blog more often


  5. All in one day. That should be your most blessed day ever. Police cheap pass LASTMA, that’s why they kill drivers over 20 naira….nice blog by the say. Very interesting.


  6. Hmmnnn… First lesson… Never let lastma intto d car… 2nd police wld generally tk 500 bucks.. Morale of d story… Uhm its nt by force to go out these days! On d blog.. Kudos. Tho


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