26 comments on “Valentine Roullette

  1. Hehehehehee….roullette indeed! Oya o…ring bell for me (first timer alert) *blink blink* 🙂 nice one “my Yellow” *hugs* *now running off to read previous posts*


  2. And here I was thinking I was gonna be a godfather real soon…anyway, the April 15th date sorta gave it away…unless you had a kid and I didn’t know about it!


  3. again!!!!…..lucky for you i’m home……nice one…..u shud get paid for dis seriously (mayb an early thought sha)……seriously


  4. Hahahaaa uv actually outdone urslf on dis one… Hehehee! Plus uv given boiz a new valentine avoidance line… I dreamt and so I shall not val… Effin hillarious tho


  5. Hian! first i thot twas u then i felt it had to be some1els then d dream came n i was like:ahan! missy cudnt have bin preggers…lol.gd one dear


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