45 comments on “Tightrope (Bee’s Paradox)…Part 2

  1. Hey yelo felo, dis piece I felt u were a bit distracted or something dint get d 110% I normali do. A bit of errors ere & dre.

    1st part of it I was a bit confused, then d change up was 2 sudden 4 me.

    All d same I look 4wad 2 dem.

    Nice 1.


  2. Udu we need to put dis movie into production…the suspense and intrigue bt it shud b R25 cos of ermmm all the thrusting and..u kw


  3. Not really satisfied in terms of the story in this second part wanted more but definitely looking forward for the third piece


  4. I think I prefer ranting and raving Mom to quiet Mom Ghen Ghen(action movie), Dad is soo gonna get it. The rape bit reminds me of flashbacks in Nollywood movies *wink wink*.


  5. This (ur writing) is turning out to be less fluke and more talent. Nice piece of work…looking fwd to the next one even though I can think of a couple of other directions. 😉


  6. Your writing is getting better.

    But. A girl who was raped would not describe it as just thrusting deeply and wildly. There is no pain reflected in that phrase, its almost as though she was aroused by her father.


  7. Errmm…I actually dnt see the pain in dis piece for someone who was raped by her dad,can’t wait 2 read d other part hope it ends there.


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