20 comments on “Tightrope (Bee’s Paradox)… Epilogue

  1. This tym I’m speechless…Mark wot av u done! R u telln smthg we know or don’t? Ha…hmm…huh..I hope more is coming? U had beta not stoppd else!


  2. Lmao! Dis’s 1 weird bunch…d@ has bEn established, buh stiL am alwaiz surprised by 1 thn/d oda.

    U on d oda hand am sure u r fEln cool wit ursef wit aL dis confusion ya puT’g minds thru.

    Am expectant…


  3. Maaaarrrrrkkkk!!!
    I’m nt accepting an end. Continue!! (In ur own interest)


  4. Life….secrets…death!
    I’m not accepting dis as an end
    Continue!!!…in ur own interest


  5. Ok Mark, u did it. U get tthe kudos for a great mind twister. Very sure no one saw it coming. UNCLE STEVE! Hmmm


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