28 comments on “Beauty from pain

  1. Sorry about ending ‘The Project’ abruptly. The story is being converted to a novel by your truly. I’m sure you’ll buy a copy when I publish! Gracias amigo 🙂


  2. I did not know you wanted to make me cry this early tuesday morning, you r so good Mark, don’t let this die.


  3. Absolutely Breathtaking!…well done dear. Keep writing from your soul. Hope I get a autographed copy of your novel 🙂


  4. Breathtaking!!!Love the suspense….. There is always a bright side at the end of the dark tunnel.Thank you, Mark for sharing


  5. I av read a lot of stuff… Bt dis is touched smthng… I m so… Dr reali is beauty frm pain. No mata wat we go thru drz always a silver linin in dt cloud. Thnks mark i nided dis.


  6. Udu,dis is a beautiful piece with a beautiful and inspirational message! *Smh in awe…

    U really wrote dis?..Dnt answer.its a rhetorical question.. Lol!


  7. Hmmmmn! No piece has hit me like this did. I guess cause I can totally relate to it.
    I won’t say it eased the pain for me, but it made me realize that I am not allow and I till this day appreciate the person in so many ways.
    Thank you.


  8. Wow! Short of words,had 2 re read it again,truly a beautiful piece,vin lost someone dt was close 2 me,can totally relate 2 dis,indeed there’ll be beauty from pain


  9. Dont worry coz ur wife smiles broadly at u 4rm d bossom of d lord. Now cling 2 dat child,ur child coz her feauture is great!


  10. Wow best writer of d year God dis is touchn u just gave hope to d hopless.vry inspiratnal n helpful once again I knw there is a smile behind every pain.tanks bro


  11. Wow Mark, thumbs up! This piece is so touching and oozes of pure talent. Keep it up & thanks for sharing.


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