34 comments on “The Anniversary… part 3

  1. The word bad is an understatement of wots to come…but but, demarc, we also have good days too ooo..so take note in ur future write ups..keep up d good work


  2. †ђξ number of people that entered †ђξ lift ‎​W̶̲̥̅̊a̶̲̥̅̊s too much….. Nigerian sa bi manager!! Aaaah!!!.


  3. Hahahaha… Things r about 2 get interestin… In primary sch, we play some pranks in d dark.. slappin someone frm behind & leavin d slappee wonderin who d slapper is… Hehehehe… Jus a suggestion 4 nxt verse…


  4. Nice one cuz. I think I’ll go with d slapper and the slappee’s option. they should give Debbie general beating before the power returns.#lol#


  5. Anniversary*****hmmmm….Wedding, Rememberance, Birthday……..opps!!!Oxygen Area Day**** n e ways….good job author…….opps****just remembered happy feet like*******Author fill it in****Great work…..


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