34 comments on “The Anniversary… part 5

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    Happy reading! 🙂


  2. Ok, dis story has taken an entirely different turn…..turns out debbie wasn’t that bad, jst misunderstood…..can’t wait 2 c how it all ends


  3. Nice…Perception is reality! This is Debbie’s perception of how the whole day has gone so far and truth is,that is her own reality. The other guys n babes have their own idea of how she had contributed to their heartaches for the day whereas she in her own reality had tried to make them all feel good. (Lol) No boss truly wants to be a bitch….everyone has their own issues. Underneath the so-called hard exterior lies a soft human heart waiting to be loved…..to be accepted….to be seen as human…to…err I think i better stop here now before i begin another story!

    Mark,thanks for this twist in the story…fingers crossed…waiting for the next part..


  4. So d winner of her heart is called John? How nice! *wide grin* I love d twist…dats jst hw life is: we never really kno wot oda ppl r goin thru so we shd (try to) take a chill pill b4 judging dem. *sips fanta chapman*


  5. Nice!Nice!!Nice!!! I can easily relate with her,I feel d same way atimes. Its amazing the way you can express human feelings in words. Its your gift dear, am happy you have discovered it.


  6. @seun bash… Sm bosses r jst plain wicked o. Dey cld b avin issues @ hm n dey’d com n pass d aggression on deir subs. And he/she might nt wna go hm immediately cos of d ‘wahala’ n dey dnt wna be bored in d ofis, so dey make 1 or 2 pple stay back wiv dem in d ofis 4 no damn gud reason.


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