18 comments on “The Anniversary… Epilogue

  1. Though dats tru never be rude 2 ur boss buh mehn I feel she recorded it on purpose joor. Nice work mark, d sky is ur starting point


  2. Yello, This Debby do u have her address I need to give her a good beating. U self why did u stop it at dis point when I was just getting a bit more comfy 2 read this piece, did I mention with a cup of juice and small chops. Am sha waiting for the gist. Great job as always.


  3. Well well well. She is an ice queen afterall. What little heart she had was exhausted on f anniversary nite. Let’s hope John can afford a new heart for her. As for d two blabber mouths, they got what they deserved joor. Good job my boy, Mark. 🙂


  4. Oooh is dat all….. It’s so cool Mark, i never wanted †ђξ story †Φ end dat soon.. Thumbs up bro! I like it…


  5. No beta way of ending it. Bt really, wasnt her fault. If i wer 2 be in deir shoes on d lift, i wld neva utter a word. @least, dey wernt fired. It has finally com 2 an end *phew*


  6. This debby self, wolf in sheep clothing, ah ahn! I fink wen its a case of life n death,we kan be rude jor (˘̯˘ ) ,n wen dey dnt pay us, yes we can be rude to our bosses!! (ò.̯Ó)


  7. Really!!! Debbys or Debby-like people should take note, it doesn’t always end like this in real life and as someone once said payback is a *****.


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