18 comments on “Thwarted part 5

  1. OMG, did Joe’s dad already know? Scandalous!
    Well done Dee.. i beg u hurry up with the next instalment i cant handle the suspense


  2. LMAO! I actually have silly friends like “Sammie”, like this blogger…

    Then 2ndly, HAHAHAHA! Joe dey form I fit do maths


  3. @Kookie Joe IS in dat triangle already!
    Loool @ Adeolu’s comments.
    Dis Popsy’s slyness ehn, e pass Mr Ese’s own (I jst can’t forget “Uhuru”)


  4. Wth!!!!!!!!!! So Gladys n papi haff been get down and under even when she was with Joe. Choi, Joe has been played real bad!!!


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