Blank… part 4


Missed the earlier parts? Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Happy reading.


She rubbed her neck as she drove home. They were right, RB was a beast. If all went well, the next few days could still be tough, but she knew she could handle it.

The important thing was that he was free for now, but that could change at any time.

She looked at her rear view mirror for the sixth time in the last minute, sure enough she was being trailed.

She abruptly stopped under a street light on the deserted road, quickly reached beneath the wheel and cut the designated wires. The car went off at once. She then got out, opened the hood of the car and just stood there looking confused.

Sure enough, after about ten minutes of waiting, her tracker pulled up beside her offering to help.

He looked nice enough, dressed in a suit and a sagging tie, the typical tired-after-a-hard-day’s-work executive.

Oh boy, he had no idea how much harder his day was about to get.



“Yes sir.”

“President of what?”

A hand touched him gently and he whirled around to see who.


“In the flesh babe, but please, we really have to get in right now. I’ll answer all your questions inside.” And with that, they began to move quickly.

They got off the road and into a house, where a few other people were standing around, looking nervous.

Finally, they stopped moving and he found himself in an expansive sitting room. He sat down and realized how tired he was!

Sophie sat beside him, holding his hand as he caught his breath.

“From the beginning… start from the beginning.”

Sophie nodded at the man behind them and in a flash, they were left alone in the room save for three other men.

“You had an accident Robert. Apparently you took quite a hit and can’t remember a thing. The accident was a setup. We kinda saw it coming, but we weren’t sure when. That’s why we didn’t go together, why we haven’t been in the same car together for a while now. Thankfully you didn’t die, I… ”

“Hold on a second.”

What was she saying?

“I know it’s a lot to take in. But you have to calm down and think. Remember.”

“Remember what?”


“What da? Wait a minute, who are you really?”

“I’m your wife “

“My wife??? But, but I thought you were in the hosp… that place.”

“Well, I was and I wasn’t.”

“But it was you.”

She smiled. “You remember my non-existent twin right? The one in the army…”


She stood aside with her arms folded while the man tried to find the ‘problem’. She looked around and made sure there was no one else before making her move.

“Do you mind just taking me home?”

“Oh, well that’s an option, but…”

“No buts, just leave it please. I’d really hate to have to stand out here any longer at such a late hour.”

He slowly stood up straight.


Hand to throat, flat palm to face, breaks nose, another hit to the throat, smashes trachea, elbow to face, man collapses.

She bent to collect his keys and briskly walked to his car, started the engine and drove off.

A short distance away, a drunk stood with, mouth wide open, staring from the scene to his bottle and back again. The whole thing had taken what? Nine seconds?

He looked down at himself. Oh darn, he had wet his pants.


RB had a hunch.

They couldn’t have been so bold could they? No, but…

He sped on, heading to the place.


“So, you’re telling me that I really am the president?”


“You’re lying!”

“I’m not. I swear I’m not.”

“Ok, then why isn’t the whole country looking for me?”


“Well sir, that’s because you’re officially not missing.”

He turned to face the man in suit who had been quiet all this while.

“Say what?”

The man reached for the remote and turned on the TV, flipped a few stations and…


“Here what?” He turned to face the TV.

“…in what will be a major step in his administration, the president will tomorrow…”

He tuned out. HE had just walked into view, smiling and waving.

“Is this live?”


“But, but I am…”

“I mentioned about my non-existent twin right? Well you sort of have one too!”

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  1. The Rainmaker

    Can’t wait for the next part…

  2. Errrm…wow! Errrm..

  3. Wow. Mind blowing stuff. Nice.. Pls don’t keep us waiting 4 d next part, thank you.

  4. Oh jeez, this is getting interesting!!! looool

  5. Udu duuum!!!..Dis is getting darn more interestin by d minute! Wawo!..I like d army twin Sophia.Action geh.

  6. *scoffs* twins! I knew there was a reason I don’t trust em much! So conniving, so…make twinpresident no go like d position 2 much sha! Nice 1! Worth the wait…

  7. Ghen ghen! ‘Hand to throat, flat palm to face, breaks nose, another hit to the throat, smashes trachea, elbow to face, man collapses.’ Action!

  8. Action film

  9. Finish dis story now!!!!!!! *angryface*

  10. Ghen! Ghen! … Nna hurry up and finish.. lovin this

  11. Daangggg!! Mark please don’t do this to me!!

  12. Ah ha!

  13. Sorry the comment came late, my non-existent twin didn’t read it early! ;D Good stuff!!!

  14. Non-existent Mark’s twin……..don’t do dz nah….

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