21 comments on “A February Story… the curtain falls!

  1. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark! Ewo!!! Or sorry I meant oh-my-gosh! Lol. I’d say u’re a psycho but u already know it. Who did Rex talk to on d fone? $5m for u if d answer is worth it.


  2. Hmmmm….. O try Mark! So who’s the mystery guy? Curtain can’t just fall like that o! You better raise it up and put a face to this don or should i say godfather; even if not a face, @ least a personality, name, something. No try yourself o!


  3. Shuo! Who no like the end make e right im own o!
    Lovely work bro! 3 thumbs up!! I almost guessed the end but u beat me yet again!


  4. Whaaaaaaat! Mark! How did u evn come up with such a twisted story? I cld neva hv gesd d story wld turn out lyk dis! This is some super – creative stuff. Bravo!


  5. What d heck av u been reading/ watching?! It’s not jst normal for anyone’s imagination to create dis without ‘influence’. U av such a twisted mind! iLike


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  7. Hmm bros, I am not sure how to comment. I do like the way the interweave the characters and build in a lot of suspense. However, I dont feel that the story has a end, is there still more cause like most typical storyline, you want to know how it ends, why did all this begin, why did Rex think he can get away with all this, was there more to Rex than the story says. There are many questions that your readers would like to know and it leaves alot to the readers mind and as previous comments have suggested, we dont have a twisted minds like you do.

    Good job!


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