11 comments on “After February

  1. hmmmm….ojoro! Mark oooooooo! I know you are the alpha and omega of this write-up ehn so there has to be a reason for all the set-up. Ending it here is a no-no! No try yourself o!


  2. HeLo yeLo,
    U’ve got 2 gve me mre abeg. U can’t leave me confused oooo. Am cuRentli afloat…brng back d gravity.


  3. U̶̲̥̅̊я story neva end o! Who is d faceless man? Who did he call wen leaving d house? Who was trailin him? Wot was d motive of whoeva planned dis 4rm d start?


  4. Erm… I’ve still got a number of unanswered questions o..
    Who was Rex speaking to on the phone in the last part?
    Who threatened him? and with what?
    Was Tina hired specifically to seduce Leye? or was she hired as an employee and then they began a relationship. Linda expressed previously that once she set her eyes on Tina she knew she was in an affair with her husband
    Who was trailing Rex?

    Sorry… My mind is in overdrive currently lol.


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