27 comments on “A February Story… part 2

  1. Happy reading guys!

    If u are not already following the blog, just put in your email addy in the “follow” tab at the right side of the post. If u are viewing from a mobile phone, then click on ‘go to full site” at the bottom of the page and put in your email addy!


  2. Mark if I catch u eh! U will kill me wit suspense….beautiful write-up, every piece deftly crafted work of art…I like d way you use words…you inspire me…Keep it up!


  3. New to this blog… I’m so captivated and extremely impressed with your writing skills! Nice one bro… Nice one!

    By the way, I’ve been reading all your stories, I gotta ask why you didn’t finish ‘The Project’ (July 1, 2012)? Huh, why?


    • Welcome, and thanks for the warm complements.
      Errm, to answer your question, well… errmm, u see.. there was (is) this plan to turn it into a novel.. so..ermm. okbye!


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